The overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from conception to completion.  The aim is to meet the client’s requirements to produce a functionally and financially viable project completed on time within authorised cost and to the required quality.

A form of Construction Management under which the Construction Manager enters into multiple trade contracts with the trade contractors and suppliers.  The Construction Manager assumes responsibilty for the performance of the trade contacts much as a general contractor would under the traditional method .

White Rose Construction Services Ltd provide services to both Residential and Commercial Clients, whether starting up a business and renovating an office space or finally developing your basement to provide you with an increased living space we can assist you.

Typical projects may include:

  • Custom Home Building, inc Acreage Development
  • Basement Developments
  • Building Additions


  • Office Renovations & Upgrades
  • Hotel Renovations
  • Restaurants Refurbishment

Where construction and renovation expertise is needed, White Rose Construction Services Ltd can assist you.

At White Rose Construction Services we firmly believe that a high quality and detailed ‘planning and design’ stage of a project provides you with the most accurate assessment of the associated costs and alleviates the use of ‘change orders’ throughout a project. For this reason if you are considering a project we would recommend contacting us when you are ready to start planning your project. Utilise our free 1 hr consultation to learn more about the services we can provide and ensure your project is prepared properly. Do the hard work now to save you time and money in the end.

It is important to also note that we can provide assistance at any stage of the process. If you have started a project and are unsure how to finish, please also contact us.

We can provide you with a full range of services including the following:


  • Feasibility/Building Study – Assessment of whether the project is realistic and whether it can be done in accordance with Alberta Building Code requirements;
  • Measurement Surveys – Measurement of the existing building
  • Design Layouts (CAD) – Provide design layouts that meet your requirements and will be acceptable by Alberta Building Codes;
  • Professional Consultations – Where required identify when professionals are needed to ensure safe construction i.e. Structural engineer to assess retaining wall or an architect to provide IFC (Issued for Construction) drawings etc.;
  • Specification Writing – Provide you with a detailed specification of your project. Providing a detailed specification of the project will allow sub-trades to price accurately and ensure you are familiar with the expected final product;
  • Pricing – Prepare and collate sub-trade prices for all the various works required i.e. electrical, plumbing, painting, drywall etc. and present a cost package to you. Subtrades are screened for their qualifications, experience, WCB compliance;
  • Contract Preparation –Preparation of contracts to secure the work of the sub trades;
  • Building Permit Applications – Once designs and specifications are all completed permits can be applied for including development permits and building code compliance.


  • Project Management – Oversee construction from start to finish;
  • Scheduling – Provide the you with a project schedule highlighting project milestones;
  • Inspection of works – Inspect the works on a daily basis to ensure progress;
  • Co-ordinate Building Inspections – Arrange for inspections by the local building codes authority at the various stages;
  • Ensure code compliance – Ensure code compliance throughout the project to ensure there are no violations that the building inspector would require addressing;
  • Change Order tracking – Changes to projects are common as works progress, successful tracking and notification of the associated costs is required to ensure there are no hidden charges at the end of the project;
  • Quality Assessments – Ensure a high standard of quality and workmanship throughout the project and address issues with sub trades;
  • Invoice Assessment – Assessment of their accuracy with previously issued quotes and change orders;
  • Project Walkthrough – Throughout the project carry out walkthroughs with you to provide updates and answer questions plus final walkthrough to ensure you are happy with the works.






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