How Do We Test For Radon?


Tesing is the only way to confirm your home is safe from high radon levels.

 Long or short term tests?

Radon testing is broken down into 2 different types of tests; long and short term. Long term testing is for any period greater than 90 days. Short term testing is normally a 2-7 day test with closed house conditions (exterior windows and doors closed with the furnace on auto).
Although Health Canada recommends long term testing for better accuracy, we also offer short term testing which follows the USA standard 48 hour testing procedure.  Health Canada recommends that no radon-1028mitigation decision be made without a long term test but completing a Short Term test This allows our clients to assess the initial potential for Radon levels within the home.  White Rose are proud to use the Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitor which is approved by the C-NRPP as an acceptable radon measurement device.  Our Short Term testing package also includes an Alpha Track Long Term test.

White Rose offers short term and long term radon testing for your convenience.

Radon Levels
Health Canada, recommends that any level of radon in your home over 200 Bq/m3 should be addressed.
US Environmental Protection Agency recommends action over 150 Bq/m3.
The World Health Organization recommends action over 100 Bq/m3.
The fact is, no level of radon is safe.  But, only you can decide what level you are comfortable with for you and your family.  And, there are significant steps you can take to reduce the amount of your home through mitigation.







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