We can provide a range of General Contracting &  Professional services.  We adopt a planned, organised and controlled approach to General Contracting, to deliver genuinely successful construction projects.


Our approach allows us to control and deliver construction projects to cost and on programme, minimising risk, whilst maintaining safety, achieving quality and maximizing investment returns.

Our experience spans all phases of project development. We support front-end feasibility and conceptual studies, as well as managing the detail design, construction and commissioning stages.


Completion of the Cochrane Cookhouse Kitchen in Cochrane AB

Our services have been provided to Commercial clients on numerous occasions where the benefits of cost savings and peace of mind are really appreciated by clients who have to focus on their full time roles of employment rather than a large complex renovation project.

Recent projects have included retail space development, commercial kitchens, daycare facilities and past experience in projects such as Radio Communication Shelters design and installation through to renovations of large office spaces affected by flooding.


By providing our clients with an all inclusive service we are able to provide advise on building design and layout and develop a detailed specification to aid with accurate pricing from local reputable trades. Giving our clients peace of mind with a turn key service and looking out for their best interests.

From mixed use developments to retail, banking, leisure schemes, rental portfolios, health & education establishments we have the expertise and experience to leverage value, maximise certainty and assure delivery.


Service can also include (but are not limited to):


Measured Surveys

Measured surveys provide building owners or occupiers with accurate as-built 2D of their property portfolio.

We produce measured surveys for clients throughout  Alberta within the commercial, industrial, education, government, security, retail and financial sectors.

General drawing standards provide for rooms and areas, wall  positions and thicknesses, door and  window positions, room use or  categorisation, building groups or blocks,  internal areas, associated  external landscaping, and site boundaries,  and more


Condition Surveys

Condition surveys produce detailed asset and repair data to ensure the effective execution of planned, reactive and repair works on existing commercial and residential property portfolios.

Our methodical and thorough approach to the collection, retrieval and analysis of survey information ensures the efficient allocation of time and resource necessary for the identification of repair works.

We use survey data to identify, implement and oversee works as part of our comprehensive contract administration services.



Thermal Imaging Surveys

Differences in surface temperatures reveal many remarkable qualities and abnormalities about a building.

Infrared inspections and surveys are increasingly requested for commercial, and industrial applications. These inspections utilize the same technology found in military, aerospace, and medical applications. Infrared thermal inspections have helped commercial investors, net lease occupants, commercial real estate investors, commercial property management firms, residential properties, industrial preventive maintenance, building management firms, maintenance teams, general contractors, renovators, commercial inspectors, real estate specialists, builders, and renovation specialists. Thermal Infrared Inspections are vitally important to detect otherwise unknown or virtually invisible issues and concerns. At some point in time, building owners will become affected by high energy costs, heavy rains, leaks, and periodic flooding. Infrared Inspection Technology can assist with these environmental and building concerns and greatly reduce damage and repair costs associated with them.






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